Diets are hard. Games are fun.

Gamify your health!

How it Works!

Free game of healthy eating and lifestyle resulting in a loss of weight and a gain of healthy habits.

There are many good things we can do for our health and happiness. This game awards you for the good you do each day.

The Game

Proven habits that lead to health and weight loss all in one fun game - "Health & Games!"

It's so fast and easy to play. The more healthy habits you do in a day, the more points your earn.

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Best of all - you can play for free - with no strings attached.

The Health & Games team and our sponsors are devoted to promoting health, good nutrition, and fitness.

The game can be played alone, with a team, or with friends.

There are weekly awards, as well as game winners.

However, everyone earns tokens that can be used to play other fun games.

How it Works

Find out how you too can get fit & trim with Health & Games!

The Game

The health & weight loss game!

Play for Free!

Get started playing games and earning tokens for free!

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[Health & Games] is an awesome program and has helped many people change their lives and make solid healthy habits in their life. Thanks for creating such an awesome program -Hilary, Age 26