Reviews of Health & Games!

Vitality was a fun way to develop healthy habits.
This was not a fad diet. Maria (the administrator of the program) was encouraging and organized, which made the program easy to follow. The competition helped me to stay motivated, especially when I didn't feel like eating healthy and exercising. The point system helped me to see progress and to stay accountable. At the end of the 8 weeks, I had lost weight, built muscle, and I felt so good. However, the best result of the program was that I had developed the habits of healthy eating and exercise and didn't want to quit. So, I continued doing the program for a year and became the fittest I've ever been.
I loved the "Vitality" program!
It was easy to follow, I was eating healthy foods, I never felt hungry or deprived. I liked that I never felt like certain foods were Ďoff limitsí. I learned that if I wanted to eat something not so healthy, that it needed to be balanced with healthy food, water, and exercise. This program positively reinforces good eating habits and exercise. I also like how it focuses on things that arenít food or exercise. Itís an all around program and itís GREAT! Thereís no need for a special tutor or trainer because itís so easy to do on your own. I lost 13 pounds while I was on the program and I felt GREAT!
I have a program I can implement forever
There is a lot of pressure to stay thin when on a collegiate dance team, and my freshman year I gained 15 pounds. I tried multiple diets to trim off the extra pounds, but had no results. When I found Vitality Wins, I was so excited to compete with others playing the game while becoming educated about the foods I should eat and how often I should exercise. I have lost the 15 pounds, and instead of a diet done for 1-3 months, I have a program I can implement forever into my daily life.
Vitality is one of the best programs/challenges I've ever done
Being a team leader you can be uplifting and supportive for other teammates. I liked finding fun quotes each week to keep us all connected. Vitality is the only TOTAL body/mind/spirit program that I've ever done. This program is set up so that you can work on all areas of your life, body/mind/spirit. And of course you do as much as you can each day. I have played this game twice. Each time I've lost 6-9 pounds. Losing the weight was awesome, but what I really love is that it feels like a time when I've been able to make positive changes in my life in one way or another. The program gives you a chance to evaluate many parts of yourself. I love this game and would recommend it to anyone who truly wants a total workout.
The pounds just seem to creep back
My children and I do it together every so often. I shared it with the lady next door to me and she put it on face book and had a number of her friends join with her. Just last week I pulled it out again and decided to give it another try. The pounds just seem to creep back on me when I am not looking. The main reason I have loved it though, is because it just makes me feel better. I do remember how much fun we had doing this as a neighborhood group. Having a group working along with you is great motivation for me. It gave me friends to discuss good foods and bad foods, as well as successes and failures. I also loved the competition because I wanted to win. It seems like I lost about 15 pounds which was my goal at that time.
Vitality was a reminder to me to be cognizant every day
I played Vitality last winter. It is easy to be complacent and to procrastinate those things that are so, so important for continued good health and vitality. I have been a long distance runner since May 18, 1980 (yes, I remember it well!) and a strong advocate for eating well and staying fit. It is my experience now, at newly 60 years of age, that I am vigorous, strong, and healthy where many of my associates who are close to my age are debilitated or slowed, at least, by chronic aches and pains, the result of years of inactivity. Vitality was a reminder to me to be cognizant every day of what I eat, what I do to remain active, and to keep my body and spirit in tune.
Vitality is an awesome program and has helped many people change their lives
I don't know if you have any idea how many people have participated in Vitality. I do know it is a lot! I did it for my first time in 2006 with my sister and some of her friends. I have played it a couple times since then and SO many friends & family that have done it with me have played it on their own several times, as well. There are many Vitality fanatics out there now and it just keeps branching off into new groups each time. (In fact, as I was typing this message a friend texted me about Vitality because she wants to play again with one with her friends and family.) Vitality is an awesome program and has helped many people change their lives and make solid healthy habits in their life. Thanks for creating such an awesome program.
I loved playing Vitality!
This program really motivated me to have a healthier life style. It was fun to challenge myself and to see what I am really capable of. By the end of the 8 week program, I felt cleansed and truly great! I am on a collegiate cheer team. Playing Vitality helped me lose a few pounds I had gained over the summer and get in top shape for football season.
I felt great!
When I played Vitality, I played Level One. I felt great! I had more energy, better health, better sleep, better diet and a well-rounded day of activity. Vitality is the only health program I can ever stick with - because it is fun. Looking forward to Level Two.
Vitality is an awesome program.
Tracking what you eat and your exercise routine is nothing new, but adding a point system makes it fun and a challenge. Earning points and comparing it to your past week is very motivating. After about 5 weeks on the program, I felt the best I ever have. Vitality also includes other habits that make you a better person - not just healthier. I really like that Vitality is about total health. Thanks for the game!
Vitality Wins is a great program!
I loved playing it with my daughter. We did it to improve our health and self-esteem. I especially loved our walks together. I have always been careful with what and how much I eat. I really thought I was a healthy person. I learned there was a lot of things I could improve upon. My main goal during the game was to cut back on drinking Diet Coke. My daughterís main goal was to win the game! She loved the competition and thought it was a lot of fun! She placed in the top three spots almost every week. The competition really motivated her to think about what she was eating and drinking. We both had many ďAh Ė HaĒ moments on this program. I would highly recommend this game to anyone no matter how healthy they think they are or how fit they may be. You will have a lot of fun doing this with your family and friends! And the competition is a great motivating influence!
I'm staying on track with my fitness goals
Thanks to Vitality Wins! I'm staying on track with my fitness goals, eating right and getting out there and exercising. This site covers it all and most importantly turns sometimes difficult tasks into a fun game I get excited about playing every day!